Site Contents

  • History and Background An overview of issues surrounding the drug, linking
    (signposting) to many original sources. Discusses
    organisations involved, government and non-governmental
    as well as regulations, old and new, affecting the
    cultivation, manufacture and use of medical cannabis
    and cannabis products in Australia. Also research, here
    and overseas.
  • Arguments For And Against
    A breakdown and analysis of the
    Federal Public Inquiry into Medicinal
    Cannabis. Stances of various organisations,
    experts and individuals are examined, including
    those for whom cannabis has proven to be a
    life-saving medication as well as those more
    sceptical of the claims.
  • States & Territories
    Explores historical, legal and regulatory situations
    in respective jurisdictions.
  • Medical Cannabis: Organisations
    Lists those involved in the area by category
    as follows: Peak/Professional Bodies;
    Academic Institutions; Businesses / Private
    Sector; Pressure Groups / NGOs; Government.
    Also A-Z listing. Always a work in progress.
  • Information & Resources
    Latest Articles
    Stuff recently posted. Users are
    encouraged to submit additional
  • Films, Videos and Talks
    Informative, educational and relevant to
    the subject of medicinal cannabis in Australia.
    We encourage you to submit your own links
    to material we may have missed.
  • For Healthcare Professionals
    Information and resources useful to
    doctors, clinicians and others interested
    in the medical, technical and academic aspects
    of the drug and research into it.