Individuals in Favour of Bill

It is difficult to read some of the following Submissions and fail to be deeply moved. The challenges faced by many of the individuals whose stories are told in these letters test human endurance to its limits. What then are we to make of those who describe the failure of conventional therapies sometimes with hideous side effects to treat an array of extremely unpleasant conditions but for whom cannabis works with incredible efficacy? Is the drug truly ‘untested’ in such instances, as organisations like the AMA,  PainAustralia and others insist? Are people just making it up?  Why would they?

We’ve briefly summarised each of the items listed but this is no substitute for reading a lot of them in their entirety.  It is appreciated the cases to be found here represent only the ‘success stories’ of cannabis, and that concerns by some in the medical profession that it’s becoming mythologised and patients may be turning to it instead of regular medication at the risk of their health are genuine ones.

But it’s impossible to discount the fact – and even be provided with proof – that in some circumstances, for some people, cannabis has proven to be the answer.


Submission 1: Ms Debra Cliff 

Medical cannabis user, the author suffers with Ehlers–Danlos Syndrome, a degenerative connective tissue disorder and was featured in several Cairns Post articles as a cannabis campaigner.  Well researched, useful links. Discusses problems with Canadian model. Concerned about limiting access to patients. 4 pages.


Submission 5: Ms Frances McDonald 

Well researched. Wishes to see cannabis re-classified to a Schedule 4 drug (i.e. basic prescription, not controlled). 9 pages.


Submission 6: Mrs Sharee Barker 

Supports new regulator. Raises issue of medication costs. 1 page.


Submission 7: Ms Pam Kniese 

Favours cannabis use as a medicine. 2 pages.


Submission 11: Mr Troy Stone

Strongly supports legalisation of medical cannabis. Wife has stage 4 melanoma. 1/2 page.


Submission 12: Mr Brett Caton 

Supports use of medicinal cannabis. Suffers from facial nerve disorder and would welcome opportunity to try cannabis for condition. 1 page.


Submission 13: Mr Thomas Forrest

Supports legalisation of medicinal cannabis. Sees opportunity for Australia to create new industry. 2 pages.


Submission 14: Ms Kim Reader

Primary healthcare professional. Partner died 14 years ago and used medical cannabis which helped. Supports legalisation, cites Submission 1 (Debra Cliff) and provides links to useful material. 3 pages.


Submission 15: Mr Peter Halliburton 

Wants ‘free access to medical marijuana’; concerned about ‘corporate greed.’ 1 page.


Submission 16: Ms Erica Mass 

Wishes for people to be able to grow their own medical cannabis. Believes ‘no more studies necessary.’ 1 page.


Submission 20: Ms Estelle Ross 

Seven page submission with additional 30+ pages of appendices. Begins with statement no deaths ever recorded from cannabis overdose. Discusses endocannabinoid system & cites prominent cannabis medicine researcher Ethan Russo. Much useful information contained and further citations in this submission, including about diseases for which cannabis has been found effective. Concludes by urging the Federal Government ‘to allow the use of medicinal cannabis without delay’. 43 pages.


Submission 21: Mr Peter Burnheim

Wishes for legalisation of use of medical cannabis. Says ‘the continued prohibition of this plant directly contributes to a failure to attempt to improve the quality of life for people suffering from a myriad of diseases.’ 1 page.


Submission 22: Mr Marcelo Lederman 

Wants full legalisation of cannabis ‘an excellent vegetable with marvellous nutrition proprieties’. 1 page.


Submission 25: Ms Anne Layton-Bennett 

Wants legalisation of medicinal cannabis, asks for compassion and common sense before politics. 2 pages.


Submission 27: Ms Kate Dalton 

Supports Bill. Cites Tony Abbott’s often quoted remarks to radio presenter Alan Jones that no further trials were necessary and that he supported medicinal use. Also cites AMA President Brian Owler who, in 2014 likened the introduction and use of cannabis for medical purposes to the regulation and use of morphine, adding ‘while I think proponents of the move to decriminalise marijuana point to various trials, I think the validity of some of those trials varies but the efficacy of medical cannabis for treating symptoms of multiple sclerosis has already been well established.‘ Provides list of American and International organisations that support the use medical cannabis. 4 pages.


Submission 32: Mrs Colleen Morgan 

Nephew suffers with epilepsy author feels may benefit from cannabis & says Government has public mandate to legalise medical use, quoting a news report about support for medical cannabis among Queenslanders. 1 page.


Submission 33: Mr Joseph Sepe 

55 year old accountant. Wishes to see marijuana legalised especially for medical purposes. Concerned about pharmaceutical industry ‘swaying things’. 13 pages.


Submission 35: Mrs Rebecca Eager 

Music therapist, knows of people she believed could benefit from medicinal cannabis. Questions why it is illegal in Australia. 1 page.


Submission 40: Mr David King

Congratulates Senators sponsoring Bill. Suggests new Regulator assists States and Territories and that it be ‘bound with developing as broad and accessible system as possible, inclusive of all who can benefit from the therapeutic properties of Cannabis, not a scheme limited only to terminally-ill patients‘. 2 pages.


Submission 46: Ms Nicole Cowles 

Writes as an advocate foe her seriously ill child and runs ‘Medical Cannabis Kids‘ Facebook site and campaigned in Tasmania. Cites UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, particularly Articles 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 23, 24 and 27. Says daughter on a trial of cannabis at which point the author became involved in debate. Makes series of suggestions for how cannabis may become ‘a mainstream treatment of acute and chronic health conditions within a framework of Australian medicine’ which people ‘deserve the right to choose as a healthcare option.’ 6 pages.


Submission 63: Peter, Beverly and Hannah Rubenach 

Authors are Tasmanian family (parents and sister) of a Tim, 28 year-old man with brain injuries acquired as an infant who found relief from seizures using cannabis. Hannah, and subsequently Mr & Mrs Rubenach wrote open letters (attached to submission) describing situation resulting in coverage from ABC (attachment 3). Are supportive of medicinal cannabis use, for reasons explained in detail within submissions and attachments. 4 pges + 3 attachments.

Attachment 1 

Attachment 2 

Attachment 3 


Submission 64: Ms Lyn Cleaver 

‘Mother to an adult son who suffers from refractory epilepsy and an acquired brain injury…(who is) at extremely high risk of SUDEP (sudden unexplained death in epilepsy)’. Cannabis helps with condition, prescribed medications did not, including Lamictal (which he still takes) and Topamax. Also prescribed Nitrazepam (for insomnia) and Midazolam (for cluster seizures), also suffers from drug-induced psychosis from Keppra and Vimpat. Author writes of cannabis ‘We know it works but he is restricted in every way when it comes to his cannabis regime,’ and says does not want her son in a ‘chemical straight-jacket‘ adding ‘cannabis therapy is by far the most benign treatment we have ever used for Jeremy. He has suffered no unwanted side effects from cannabis and indeed; he is the healthiest he has ever been‘. 3 pages.


Submission 70: Ms Joelle Neville 

Mother of 10-year old child with epilepsy who suffered 15-20 seizures per day, has trialled over 20 anti-eplileptics & dietary supplements as well as undergoing two brain surgeries. Daughter also has an intellectual disability and had never slept more than four hours.  According to news reports and Ms Neville’s submission, since using 18% CBD hemp oil obtained from firm Elixinol (Submission 65) family’s life has been transformed with child now only having ‘occasional, very small seizures’ and sleeping 9-10 hours per night. Would like to see legal medicinal cannabis regulated and to be able to ‘travel freely with oil in luggage and not worry about supply in freezer’. Author is daughter-in-law of former Queensland MP Paul Neville and both gave evidence during the public hearings phase of Inquiry. Ms Neville does not have ‘specific dollar amount of what Ava’s prior medication was costing the government but – taking into account therapies, doctors etc. (she) imagines it would be in the hundreds of thousands per year.‘ Hemp medication costing $400 per month and would appreciate help in meeting this. 1.5 pages.


Submission 72: Mr Gary Anderson

Author represents ‘Songs of Freedom and Dances of Peace Revival, Soldiers of Sanity, Saviours from Stupidity, Mad as Heaven’. ‘Implores’ government to create a body called The People’s Cannabis Industry Investment Bank Co-operative’ to oversee everything relating to cannabis including research, cultivation, product manufacture and medical and recreational use and also to look deeply into history of plant’s use and ‘foundations of TGA & FDA.’  Discusses ‘medical monopolies’, Rockefeller family (major contributors to establishment of United Nations, responsible for Single Convention on Drugs which benefits pharmaceutical industry).  Critiques American Imperialism, FIAT currencies guesstimates of what a cannabis industry controlled by proposed Co-operative Bank might be worth. 7 pages.

Attachment 1 


Submission 73: Ms Belinda Doonar 

Author Brisbane-based retired haematology and oncology Registered Nurse. Discusses case of person (name redacted) whose son suffers with Dravet Syndrome and who finds relief with cannabis. Believes ‘Australia needs medical cannabis as an industry now’. 2 pages.


Submission 74: Mr Andrew Kavasilas 

Author (mentioned in ‘General Overview & History’ section of site) writing as: Secretary, Australian Hemp Party; founder of Vitahemp Pty Ltd, a licensed industrial hemp grower; invitee as participant in cannabis-for-medical-purposes trial in NSW (as a grower); Director of Medical Cannabis Ltd, an unlisted public company. Submission details definitions of cannabis, its common uses of plant and cannabinoids for medical purposes, and discusses international Drug Conventions and measures employed by different countries and State jurisdictions to allow medical uses of the herb. 4 pages.


Submission 77: Ms Candice Germana

Supports use of medical cannabis. Mentions friends using who are made criminals. 1 page.


Submission 78: Ms Ellen Lloyd 

Grandmother of a child with epilepsy anguished at ‘not knowing if tonight (family) will have a seizure free night. The ongoing juggling of medications and the awful side effect these hard drugs have on his small body and mind’, thus supports idea of Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis. 1 page.


Submission 80: Ms Alison Alsop

Author the parent of a child with epilepsy ‘currently trialling the fifth medication to control her seizures. Pharmaceutical medications that have serious adverse side effects. She is only nine, and has been through a lot in her short life with regards to seizures, medications, side effects,‘ and ‘would like to see medicinal cannabis available for the treatment of epilepsy disorders and cancer pain’. 1 page.


Submission 83: Mr Nevil Schoenmakers 

Author a cannabis breeder ‘known worldwide as the father of modern cannabis genetics, Nevil founded ‘The Seed Bank’ in Holland in 1984, and was one of the first legal producers of Cannabis seeds’. Believes cannabis is ‘a poorly understood subject.’ Discusses briefly, terms such as ‘narcotic’, ‘sedate’ ‘calm/comfortable’, ‘euphoric’, ‘psychedelic’ etc. and says there is not just one type of medical cannabis. Discusses ways of extracting ingredients of cannabis and standardisation of product. 3 pages.


Submission 84: Mr David Stevens

Author has daughter with rare genetic syndrome Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome as as well as rare form of epilepsy ‘Continuous Wave in Slow Wave Sleep Syndrome‘. Holds NSW Carers Citizen of Year Award for 2011 and featured in Channel 7’s 2014 Sunday Night show which put medical cannabis in the spotlight. Took daughter to many acclaimed experts but treatments failed, including dangerous and unpleasant ones. Began using low THC cannabis oil and results seen in 3 days, described by daughter’s paediatrician as ‘miraculous’. Biggest concern re. Bill is it will ‘be influenced by pharmaceutical companies who have a vested interest in this and Doctors and politicians who don’t have an open mind in regards to medicinal cannabis’. Author concludes with story of a complaint received by Community Services about daughter’s cannabis treatment and her welfare but case was closed. Provides two links to YouTube videos family made, the first about how using cannabis made their daughter ‘seizure free’, the second an audio of a conversation with then-doctor, renowned epilepsy expert Dr Ingrid Scheffer who was treating Deisha with steroids which failed to work (Dr Scheffer would later be appointed to lead Australia’s first trial of synthetic cannabis for children with refractory epilepsys in Victoria). 2 pages.


Submission 87: Ms Dannielle Slater

Supports ‘medical marijuana.’ 1 page.


Submission 88: Ms Candy Walton

Points out ‘suspicious’ government is dragging its heals and colluding with pharmaceutical companies to protect mutual future profits arising from patent medications derived from the plant and that ‘any child in Australia can access black-market cannabis right now, often from dubious sources,’ yet medical cannabis remains illegal while ‘real people are dying and suffering unnecessarily’. Concludes: ‘Education about the health benefits and low-level risk of cannabis, and regulation of the supply of cannabis, would be more beneficial and less harmful overall than the current situation…Australians ultimately deserve full access to this healing plant, to use at our own discretion‘. 2 pages.


Submission 89: Mr Alan Roncan 

Discusses what author sees as two parts to public inquiry, these being trialling of cannabis and the second those criminalised by using it. Mentions over 7 million people have used the drug and asks ‘what sort of society believes a third of its population should be in jail?‘ Says ‘the medicinal tsunami is not flash in the pan’ and describes how 200 people turned up for a workshop on it at Nimbin. NSW. Describes some benefits of cannabis and says nothing funny about being condemned to pain and infirmity while citing ‘moral principles of some staggeringly immoral people’ in the US during the 1930s as being ‘largely responsible for the disgraceful situation we find ourselves in 80 years later.’ 3 pages.


Submission 90: Mrs Hazel Lloyd 

Mother of 8 year old son with uncontrolled epilepsy as a result of medical blunders during birth. ‘His current labels are Hydrocephalus, Cerebral Palsy, Cortical Vision Impairment, Intellectual Impairment, and Epilepsy,’ author writes, continuing: ‘My son has tried 9 different anti epileptic drugs, including the 2 he is currently on. It is a fact that once someone has tried 3 (some say 2) anti-epileptic drugs and they have not been effective, they are said to have uncontrolled or refractory epilepsy, which means they are unlikely to become seizure free with the conventional drugs currently legally available,’ and cites two studies (here and here). Their next step, she says, will be steroids which they are keen to avoid and wants access to medicinal cannabis. In terms of Bill fears her State (not known from submission) will not participate. Discusses various points raised in Bill in some detail and provides suggestions. 3 pages.


Submission 91: Mr Peter Jaggle 

Supports Bill, feels it is wrong people criminalised for use of medicinal cannabis. 1 page.


Submission 92: Name Withheld 

Author 48-year old former nurse who was informed was terminally ill (12 months to live) with rare kidney cancer. Began using (costly and difficult to obtain) cannabis oil for nine months and has had no progression of illness. ‘I should be dead by now. But the doctors are amazed about how well I look and I am not suffering in pain,’ she writes, concluding: ‘Medicinal Cannabis Oil needs to be legalised and available for people like myself’. 1 page.


Submission 93: Name Withheld 

Daughter, 44, has MS and used Fentanyl,  Ketamine Lozenges & Pandol for pain as well as Lyrica and Baclofen. Tried cannabis oil as analgesic in place of Panadol and Ketmine which ‘relieved her pain as effectively as the drugs it has replaced, with no adverse effects and considerably less sedation‘. Hopes ‘fervently that various forms of medicinal cannabis will be made legally available as soon as possible‘. 1 page.


Submission 94: Name Withheld 

Wife, who is a nurse and a mother, has cancer which medical cannabis has helped. Cites film ‘True History of Marijuana‘ and talks of benefits of a cannabis industry. 1 page.


Submission 95: Name Withheld

Author 42 year old female chronic fibromyalga and Pacu Immune Vasculitis sufferer. Uses Oxycontin which has many ill-effects. Cannabis user of two months which has been ‘extremely effective’ with no side effects. ‘Please consider the use of medical cannabis oil instead of these nasty narcotic drugs as its way more effective no side effects or addiction,‘ she concludes. 1 page.


Submission 96: Name Withheld

Author a Registered Nurse. Late sister passed away from brain cancer aged 43. Describes terrible ‘journey’ of illness, treatments etc. and how cannabis biscuits believed to be low-THC which ‘very quickly reduced her seizure activity to a point where they stopped completely. These most distressing events were now finally controlled by these biscuits‘. Asks Committee to consider those suffering when reaching its conclusions. 2 pages.


Submission 98: Name Withheld 

Supports Bill, suffers chronic pain from herniated disc, believes cannabis could help and restricted access ‘inhumane’. 1 page.


Submission 99: Name Withheld

Suffers chronic pain, insomnia and has issues with anger management. Has used cannabis as last resort for three years – ‘the only thing that works without side-effects’ and believes cannabis should be permitted ‘to grow and buy from a dispensary.’ 1 page.


Submission 100: Name Withheld 

Suffers chronic pain and is bi-polar, so high TCH strains of cannabis unsuitable. Supports use of medicinal cannabis but opposed to models such us US States of Colorado and California. Concerned about easy-to-come-by (recreational) synthetic cannabis which in author’s case resulted in hospitalisation. 1 page.


Submission 101: Name Withheld

Author 26 year old who suffers variously as result of motorcycle accident. Regular cannabis user (14g + per week). Sees problems with drug are legal ones created by ill-informed government, and feels has been ignored on medical cannabis by political representatives for decades. Supports more research and resources to explore cannabis and feels now is the time for a change. 1 page.


Submission 103: Name Withheld 

Author suffers with severe sleep apnoea, depression, anxiety, PTSD, constant pain from a serious hand accident & loss of left ring finger. Uses six different medications and feels like ‘a walking zombie’, and cannot work. Medicinal cannabis relieved pain and provided good sleep. Implores committee to make drug available. 1 page.


MSubmission 105: Ms Stephanie Gleeson

Refers to newspaper article about case of April Tognoni, a child with severe epilepsy successfully treated with cannabis and whose MP Anne Urquhart was sponsor of Bill. Also refers to Drug Law Reform Foundation article on medical cannabis and asks for legalisation. 1 page.


Submission 106: Piper Burnett

Supports use of medicinal cannabis, ‘based on the many cases / reports’ author has read. 1 page.


Submission 108: Randev Seneviratne

Discusses damage caused by alcohol and tobacco as against cannabis. Believes ‘it should be legal in all forms and for all purposes. It’s a plant, not a drug‘. 1 page.


Submission 109: Ms Cheri O’Connell

Discusses her two children Tara (almost 10) and Sean (nearly 13). In 2012 Tara was so ill the family was planning her funeral. Had been resuscitated eight times, was not toilet trained and her conditions ‘include Dravet Syndrome (catastrophic epilepsy), autism,  severe language disorder,  Cerebral Palsy,  dyspragia,  dyspraxia, anxiety, progressive mental retardation (i.q. slowly lowering – in December 2012 too low to score), heart murmur, ataxia, drug induced anorexia’. Sean is today a happy boy but used to suffer up to 500 seizures a day and whose previous anxiety meant he could only attend school 2-3 days per week. Author believes ‘pharmacy drugs were doing more damage than good’ and used Mullaways product. Sean is now seizure free and Tara is toilet trained, has a rising IQ level and considered in the Average Category. Family’s files can be viewed on Mullaways website.  Author is prepared to move on a class action in ‘UN courts’ if Bill is not passed. 2 pages.


Submission 110: Mr Grant Beale

Submission includes 4-page letter from same author to over 200 politicians ‘on all sides of Australian politics’ the previous year discussing conditions of, variously, his mother (aged 70),himself, his wife (who ignored a doctor’s recommendation to try cannabis) and case of Dan Haslam. The letter questions use of opioids which are legal, why medicinal cannabis is illegal, why people should have to ‘move to Colorado’ to benefit from cannabis and other salient points in the debate, as well as links to various YouTube films about cannabis. Author also an invitee to ACT Standing Committee on Health, Ageing, Community and Social Services in Inquiry into Drugs of Dependence (Cannabis Use for Medical Purposes) Amendment Bill 2014 (page now removed by ACT Government). Has also written to Pauline Hanson of One Nation Party. Looks forward ‘a future where all humans are treated equal when trying to maintain quality of life‘. 5 pages.


Submission 111: Ms Gisela Stieglitz 

Supports legalising medical cannabis & believes denying herbal treatment ‘a crime against Australian people’ and issues with medical cannabis fuelled by corporate greed of pharmaceutical industry. Includes attachment (3 pages) ‘Rick Simpson’s “Canadian Cancer Cures” and the Rising Cannabis Oil Movement’. 2 pages.

Attachment 1


Submission 112: Ms Breen Rose

One page hand-written submission. Daughter, 37 has suffered with MS for 16 years and has much pain at night which conventional medication does not relieve. Author believes certain cannabis strains to be effective for daughter who is becoming more depressed. 1 page.


Submission 113: Aljen Project 

Runs website cannabissoulhealing and has tendered for trials in NSW nd has been researching medical cannabis since 2011. Includes ‘test reports’ from US analysing cannabis and discusses bodies being ‘out of balance’ when ill and believes ‘we have to stop thinking about Cancer as a terminal illness and looking at the cause, where the action of chemotherapy works on the cells being removed we also have to look at realigning the body for the health of the person‘. 9 pages.


Submission 115: Ms Sherri Hickey

Handwritten letter referring to daughter who is an MS sufferer. Unclear as to whether daughter has tried cannabis but author wishes to see use permitted on compassionate grounds. 1 page.


Submission 116: Wellness Clinic Newcastle 

Newly opened clinic in NSW run by Dr Andrew Katelaris & featured in an ABC story in May 2015 offering help to those ‘suffering late stage cancer, children with epilepsy and a range of other detrimental illnesses not able to be successfully addressed by our current medical system‘. Says ‘We use Endocannabinoid System Strategies including crucial nutrition and lifestyle programmes. And they WORK !!!‘ Looks forward to ‘positive response’ from Committee ‘where true health and well-being lies and NOT in the hands of giant offshore pharmaceutical companies, but in the hands of local growers, manufacturers and distributors – creating jobs, productivity, better health and financial benefits. The financial benefits come from local produce, supporting local communities, transforming suffering agriculture and relieving Australia’s burdensome health costs‘. More recently ran into controversy after two cancer patients reacted badly to cannabis injections and one later died. The Clinic and Dr Katelaris are also involved with the ‘Church of Ubunto‘ a’non-dualistic all embracing multi-faith philosophy and way of life.’ 1 page.


Submission 117: Name Withheld

Author says mother (who grows her own cannabis) and aunt suffer age related conditions and (aunt) with MS which cannabis help. Asks Committee to use a US model when considering regulation of cannabis. 1 page.


Submission 118: Name Withheld

Believes ‘medical cannabis should be legal for ALL Australians regardless of the illness they are treating,’ and discusses grandmother who ‘takes no less than 6 prescribed medications to manage her osteoarthritis, depression, back pain, blood pressure, and sleep problems’. Says medical cannabis has helped manage her grandmother’s sleep issues and wishes Committee to ‘decriminalise, legalise, and tax cannabis’. 1 page.


Submission 119: Name Withheld

Author suffers with Crohn’s Disease which medical cannabis has helped. Now attends University and believes scope of Bill too limited since it is based on Israeli & Dutch models rather than US ones. Discusses active ingredients of cannabis and how cannabinoids can be administered. 2 pages.


Submission 120: Name Withheld

Supports legalisation of medicinal cannabis. 1 page.


Submission 121: Name Withheld

Author writes: ‘I am a highly functional member of Australian society and a Medicinal Cannabis user (holding) multiple degrees, including Pharmacology and Public Health (and with) more than 20 years experience as a Clinical Cannabis Consultant and Educator in California,’ and represents a ‘large number of Australian cannabis users – the ones who stay under the legal radar, their own medical supplies, hold down well-paying jobs and who have to lie about their cannabis use.‘ Provides three case studies about successful use of medicinal cannabis in, respectively, palliative care, Crohn’s Disease, and by a female adult with ADD and ADHD. Looks forward to a common sense approach based on compassion. 3 pages.


Submission 122: Name Withheld

Author has suffered with pancreatitis which conventional medicines did not gretly help. Says life changed when began using cannabis. Symptoms returned when stopped using the oil. Cites over a dozen pieces of medical research on the matter and says ‘there are over 26,000 published scientific studies or reviews of Cannabis. Over 1,450 peer reviewed papers were published in 2013 alone‘. Also supports recreational use since no deaths can be attributed to substance and says ‘the voters are watching you very closely.’ 8 pages.


Submission 123: Name Withheld

Author aged 24 and suffers with rectal cancer which specialists expect to be terminal. Says: ‘Using cannabis has afforded me a quality of life I could only have ever imagined. I would not be as fit or as healthy as I am today if it were not for the medical benefits of cannabis. In September 2014, with the help of cannabis, I trained for and ran my first half marathon‘. Wants Committee to respond favourably to Bill. 1 page.


Submission 124: Name Withheld

Wife has suffered from MS for 17 years and late son had muscular dystrophy for 25 years. Points out MS pharmaceutical industry worth $14 billion worldwide and growing, and that ‘around 12 highly priced drugs are subsidised by Medicare for use in Australia‘ yet ‘the best one can achieve is around 30% less flare ups by taking these expensive drugs‘ but ‘small quantity of cannabis obtained’ for his wife had ‘astounding results.’ Also mentions CCVI therapy for MS and links to an article on this as well as further article on medicinal cannabis and several references. Concludes: ‘WAKE UP AUSTRALIA! Medicinal Cannabis = Better Quality of Life for Millions of Australians…The sick and suffering and their loved ones!!!‘ 2 pages.


Submission 126: Name Withheld

Author a ’52 year old chronic closed angle glaucoma sufferer of 7 years who was persuaded to use cannabis which they were initially reluctant to do. Says ‘the pain relief was unbelievable plus the resulting eye pressure tests better than I have ever had.’ Believes cannabis is ‘a vital medicine for many serious illnesses which modern medicine hs not helped’, adding ‘to uphold its current classification as a dangerous plant of no medicinal value is the joke of the century‘. 1 page.


Submission 127: Name Withheld

Author a ‘full-time artist and business owner in Melbourne who uses cannabis for period pain, appetite stimulant, sleep aid and to avoid having to ‘introduce chemicals like paracetamol and ibuprofen into my system‘. Believes all should have the right to alter their consciousness and asks for more sensible laws. 1 page.


Submission 128: Name Withheld

Author is 45 years old and has smoked cannabis for the past 30 years. Mother is 65 and has smoked for 40 years. Substance makes them ‘happy and able to function within this aggressive world.’ Is ‘sick of being a petty criminal’. 1 page.


Submission 129: Name Withheld

Author 26 yr-old cannabis user which helps ‘manage a social mental disorder’. Says is ostracised by friends because they allege author is dependent on the drug. Discusses previous hemp industry in Australia and how cannabis is of benefit. ‘Please pass the Bill‘ author concludes, because though ‘not one of the many with a debilitating physical condition that marijuana can help to treat, and therefore, one of the least who should be considered. But it helps me be more productive and healthy, and it should no longer remain illegal.‘ 2 pages.


Submission 130: Name Withheld 

Author suffers from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia which have ‘decimated’ their life. Has been told now has extensive liver damage from use of prescribed Panadol Osteo;  Tramadol 200; Fentanyl 25; and Valium’ which have ‘rendered me mentally deficient for daily activity‘. Supports legalisation of medical cannabis for pain relief, which they believe is ‘better than a pharmaceutical’. 1 page.


Submission 131: Name Withheld 

Author seeks ‘opportunity to become a licensed producer/caregiver of medicinal cannabis, as I haven’t had the opportunity to produce medicine due to current laws‘. Believes new laws necessary and ‘phytocannabinoid therapy has proven to be effective with cancer, epilepsy, strokes, MS, physical injuries, insomnia and many other serious conditions‘. Says time Australia joined the rest of the world by introducing a system of legal cannabis. 1 page.


Submission 132: Name Withheld

Author, 56, suffers severe pain due to hip injury which was relieved when a friend provided a hash cookie which author took unwittingly. Currently uses Prednisone,  Sulfasalazine,  Norspan pain patches & 4 Panadol per day to manage pain on PBS. For the sake of those in pain wishes committee to consider his submission. 2 pages.


Submission 133: Name Withheld

Supports legislation, uses cannabis to relieve: chronic back, hip, neck and muscular pain, as a muscle relaxant, to relieve symptoms of asthma, to help insomnia caused by muscular pain and spasm and as a stimulant, as well as other purposes such as to assist creativity etc. Believes in organic cultivation, ‘whole plant medicine’ and does not wish to see ‘pharmaceutical companies dictate the terms of this legislation. It should be reclassified as a botanical ingredient’. 2 pages.


Submission 134: Name Withheld

Author the victim of a ‘king hit’ incident leading to hospitalisation. Adult child of a (sobered) alcoholic who died of depression-induced suicide. Smokes cannabis to ‘alleviate concerns regarding the past or future and be able to participate in the moment with vigour and excitement‘. Mentions stroke victim helped by medicinal cannabis and would like right to grow cannabis for personal consumption as well as seeing taxes levied on herb. 1 page.


Submission 135: Name Withheld

Glaucoma sufferer, believes cannabis helps with this. Legal status of cannabis ‘a nuisance’ and author would be ‘using a white stick and a Labrador’ without it. Has used drug for 36 years and claims Mensa-level IQ. 1 page.


Submission 136: Mr Jesse Birch 

Has issues with harms done to society by drug laws in general, cannabis in particular. Discusses the following under separate headings: the expense & futility of prohibition; the hypocrisy of prohibition; the harm to community relations with police; corruption within the judiciary and law enforcement; funding of violent organised crime; erosion of civil liberties; financial cost of prohibition and the crime of denying effective medicine to sufferers. Believes the issue is ‘one of the most urgent in liberal democracies.‘ 2 pages.


Submission 137: Ms Angela Dawe 

This submission very similar in nature to submission 136 (above) with the same points discussed. 2 pages.


Submission 138: Visko van der Marwe 

Believes cannabis useful in age-related illnesses such as Post Polio and Late Effects of Polio Syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy and other ‘untreatable’ pain. Says ‘growing old is difficult’ and asks committee to consider legalising cannabis for use among the elderly. 1 page.


Submission 140: Mr Simon Case

Wants ‘legislation to legalise medical cannabis’, says ‘War on Drugs’ failed, cannabis already widely used, current beneficiaries of the black market are criminals. 1 page.


Submission 141: Mr Alex Gifford 

Supports legalisation of cannabis for medical use. Has a relative whose son has sever epilepsy and for whom trials with cannabis have provided relief. Makes submission ‘as a parent who loves their children and who believes that we owe our children and all future generations the right to access effective treatments for all conditions‘. 1 page.


Submission 142: Mr Geoff Cox

Says ‘War on Drugs’ failed dismally and it is ‘essential that we make all use of cannabis completely legal.’ 1 page.


Submission 143: Ms Debra Lynch

Author a 54 year old mother and grandmother. Medical conditions include: PTSD and associated anxiety disorders; chronic pain from spinal injury and failed surgery in 1988; Inflammatory Arthritis (immune system is over-active and attacking joints); Raynaud’s Phenomenon with scleroderma – auto-immune, connective tissue disease and CREST Disease – an auto-immune connective tissue condition. Has worked in health service in various capacities including as phlebotomist, administrator and medical laboratory assistant and manager. Used cannabis in 1988 after a back injury and believes ‘pharmaceutical medications will be the death of me, whereas cannabis has been my saviour.‘ Provides links to information on some of her conditions and a further link about how pharmacutical industry operates a ‘bribery network.’ Used drug Serapax which had very unpleasant side-effects. Submission continues with description of author’s medical history during which cannabis was used on occasions. Believes cannabis – which has taken the place of anti-depressants – allows for a clear head. Provides a further 40+ links to various films, papers and articles to cannabis-related material and/or related to various conditions. Describes severe arthritic pain which cannabis oil removes ‘in a few minutes’ and how cannabis has returned quality of life. Contrasts using cannabis to options without it. Supports ‘medical cannabis with whole plant therapies and home growing rights, the only possible way, to successfully, make Medical Cannabis available, for treatment‘. 18 pages.


Submission 144: Mr Michael Balderstone

Author works at the Hemp Embassy in Nimbin, an ‘alternative community’ that grew out of the Aquarius Festival in the 1970s where cannabis has been grown, researched and used for decades with varying degrees of attention from the authorities. Has been involved in cannabis law reform for over 20 years and is president of the Hemp Party, the ‘political wing’ of his law reform group. Says cannot keep up with enquiries about benefits of cannabis from people for whom pharmaceuticals ‘are either not doing the job or causing nasty side effects’. Says it’s in the interests of big pharma and the police / judiciary / prison industrial complex to keep the herb illegal and cannabis is not only a medicinal herb with an extraordinary range of healing potential, it also has many other uses, which was why it was demonised in the 1930s. ‘The biggest dangers from cannabis use come from it being illegal and the problems that has caused for many people is too sad to discuss here. The laws have ruined thousands of careers.’ Growing good cannabis is ‘an art’ and quality is important. Supports Bill and praises NSW Government trials but notes these don’t end for six years. 5 pages.


Submission 148: Name Withheld

Supports ‘total legalisation of cannabis’. 1 page.


Submission 149: Name Withheld

Author suffers with neuroendocrine tumours of the pancreas and ‘MEN1 – Mulitple Endocrine Neoplasia 1 – in brief a rare condition associated with tumors of the endocrine. The most common of these involve the parathyroid glands (which have been removed), the pancreas, and pituitary. Only treatment is repeated surgery which produce more complications than actual tumours. Wishes to have access to all medicines that may help – including cannabis and the right to grow it – and not be criminalised for doing so. Cites Professor Lester Grinspoon praising cannabis and provides links to scientific studies. 2 pages.


Submission 150: Name Withheld 

Author the ‘grandfather of a nine year old boy who suffers from intractable epileptic seizures resulting from a brain injury acquired at birth.’ Grandson does not have access to cannabis for legal reasons and would like him to have that right. Urges government to pass proposed legislation. 1 page.


Submission 151 Name Withheld

Author holds a science degree and has interest in medicine. Describes fear as a tool in ‘War on Drugs’ and mentioned research indicating cannabis less harmful than people led to believe. Proposes a model for Australia of ‘cannabis clubs’ (see also Submission 146) and discusses cost of prohibition. Cannabis, author concludes, ‘is proven to be far safer than any other drug on the market, and the only politicians that should support the continuation of cannabis prohibition, are politicians who support crime gangs, murder and putting their constituents in danger through the creation of an unregulated market‘. 2 pages.


Submission 152: Name Withheld

Suffers with epilepsy and would like to see more discussion and research on the matter, including medical. 1 page.


Submission 153: Name Withheld

Father of child with uncontrolled epilepsy as a result of ‘botched delivery with a suction cup’ (the second such case to be found in these submissions). Son also has ESES – Electrical Status Epilepticus of Sleep or continuous brain activity, or seizures whilst sleeping. Links to two reports saying pharmaceuticals unlikely to be of benefit (here and here). Wishes to be able to access cannabis for his son. 2 pages.


Submission 154: Name Withheld

Wishes the community to have rights to grow and create medicines from cannabis using a ‘business model yet to be determined by government’. Makes suggestions / points about medicinal cannabis consumption, cultivation and manufacture of extracts. 2 pages.


Submission 155: Name Withheld

Supports Bill. Says committee does not have ‘sufficient bandwidth to fully understand all the facets of this issue,‘ and discusses various points and provides link to Granny Storm Crow’s List of 1700 pages of ‘relevant studies and information around medical cannabis’ and links to other studies. Suffers from an unspecified condition and has exhausted conventional options. 3 pages.


Submission 162: Name Withheld 

Wife suffers with Corticobasal Syndrome (brain not recognising what the limbs are doing) and describes how her doctor and specialist GP were both in ‘100% agreement that she would be an ideal candidate for Medical Cannabis treatment and/or trials‘. Obtained some oil which helped enormously. Author does not want ‘to live continually looking over our shoulders due to the use of this treatment, which seriously needs to be legalised as soon as possible for the sake of everyone that is suffering in one way or other,’ and believes ‘politics need to be removed from the discussion.‘ 2 pages.


Submission 163: Name Withheld

Author 23 year old woman with a variety of conditions who ‘turned to cannabis in despair’ and which helps greatly. Provides over a dozen links to information about the drug and concludes ‘please make Medical Cannabis available legally as soon as possible.‘ 2 pages.


Submission 164: Miss Matilda Haley-Kerr

Supports Bill, mentions more people hospitalised by abuse of Neurofen than cannabis and believes ‘it can provide relief for people who can’t be sufficiently helped with current pharmaceutical drugs‘. 1 page.


Submission 165: Name Withheld

User of cannabis for insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression. Does not wish to continue feeling guilty for using it. 1 page.


Submission 166: Name Withheld 

Author suffers from seizures as a side effect of ADHD & anxiety medication also high functioning autism (Aspergers). Says cannabis the only reason they are able to site down and write submission and that it needs to be legalised. 1 page.


Submission 167: Name Withheld

Suffers from Aspergers and cannabis helps with depression among other things. Describes symptoms without cannabis and believes it needs to be available to people with autism. 1 page.


Submission 168: Name Withheld

Regular cannabis user admitting ‘in the public eye it would look like I’m just another drug addict.’ Describes what cannabis does for them (has been on anti-depressants and suicidal). Says pharmaceuticals made things worse but concerned about unpleasant contaminants found in illegal substance. 1 page.


Submission 169: Name Withheld

Author suffers from Adhesive Arachnoiditis – a ‘chemically induced condition leaving them in chronic severe pain 24/7 for the rest of their life. It’s like cancer but without the certainty of death,’ author writes. Currently using ‘large doses of Methadone,  Gabapentin,  Cymbalta,  Valium and Epilum and has tried morphine,  Endep,  Jurnista,  Tramadol and the list goes on,’ but cannabis the only thing that works. Concerned though with quality of black market product. ‘My meds will kill me before my condition does, so please get behind medical marijuana.’ 1 page.


Submission 170: Name Withheld 

Author regular user of cannabis from age of 16 and holder of a number of significant awards in public service. Is now approaching 50 years old and has child with two rare blood conditions for which there is no cure and treatment for which costs Federal Government $500,000 per annum. Had bespoke high THC cannabis oil made which improve condition when available. Supports Bill and says ‘medical cannabis treatment as Australia is woefully behind many other countries.’ Believes ‘a compassionate government would help its people, particularly those that are seriously ill or dying, and that is what I ask that you do.’ 3 pages.


Submission 171: Name Withheld

Author an 64 year old MS sufferer who says has been caring for grandchildren which is a miracle because was struggling to care for self 6 months ago and life changed when tried cannabis oil. Concludes: ‘I have been taking it for 5 months now & pray that it will be legalised soon so that we can get on with our lives without feeling like a criminal.’ 1 page.


Submission 172: Name Withheld

Discusses bio-chemistry of cannabis then own condition which was cancerous growth on foot which was removed surgically when author was 23. Used cannabis oil as topical after operation then suffered dislocation in shoulder followed.  Some years later was in car accident which damaged back and other areas. ‘Cannabis helps me no end with all the symptoms of my injuries and is the only answer to long term pain as legal pharmaceutical medicines cause severe side affects and addiction. I have suffered these in the past and refuse to suffer them again,’ author writes. Continues with general discussion about medical cannabis, public opinion, activities of NSW government and a closing argument with Thomas Jefferson’s (purported but never authenticated) remark that ‘if a law is unjust,a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.’ Remaining 19 pages long list of references and links on the topic. 25 pages.


Submission 173: Name Withheld

Begins with statement ‘My 3 year old daughter loves cannabis.’ Author is mother of young child with Dravet Syndrome who ‘takes 5 drugs a day to stay alive and is likely to end up moderately to severely retarded. She also has a 1 in 6 chance of dying suddenly from seizures before the age 18 yrs,‘ but who ‘has been 28 weeks tonic clonic seizure free since starting on medical cannabis.‘ Her worse four months were completely turned around overnight using cannabis author writes. Asks that Bill allow scientists to freely study the cannabis plant; Australian plant breeders to develop new strains for Australian conditions; families to help themselves and grow their own medicine at no cost to the state; and pharmacy sales of medical cannabis products, including raw cannabis and extracts like oil, dry sift and hash. 2 pages.


Submission 174: Name Withheld 

Author suffers severe chronic pain and medical cannabis works very well. ‘Why am I treated as a criminal if I treat my pain?’ author asks, requesting Government save people from distress. 1 page.


Submission 175: Name Withheld

Author a sufferer of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and depression. Discusses symptoms, past and present and how regular use of cannabis helps. Was arrested for possession but spared a conviction because ‘the arresting police officers, the lawyer, the magistrate and the counsellor at the drug intervention session all understood my reasons for using cannabis.’ Concerned about quality of black market drug and has experienced legal cannabis in US. Commends Committee for ‘dutiful action’ on Bill. 3 pages.


Submission 176: Name Withheld

Author, who upheld a job ‘administering taxation laws’ for 27 years, suffered accident on their rural property causing pain which cannabis helped as it did some years later when migraines developed, followed by glaucoma. Cannabis useful in all three incidences although benzodiazipines worked for migraines but were addictive. 1 page.


Submission 177: Name Withheld 

Late brother died of cancer a year prior and had been living in California where cannabis oil was used which ‘froze tumours’ and made chemotherapy ‘more effective’. Tumours returned when brother stopped taking the oil. Believes in quality control, education around subject and working with former counter-culture. Wishes to be able both to grow and have cannabis provided. 1 page.


Submission 178: Name Withheld

Feels whole country can benefit from change in legislation, that son, who is very sick from complications due to pharmaceutical drugs after back injury from car accident, could benefit from nutrition in hemp seed powder and is user of medical cannabis after recommendation from his specialist. Wishes to feel (legally) safe using oil capsules. 2 pages.


Submission 179: Name Withheld 

Author became addicted to painkillers and suicidal after aneurysm connected to bike accident which also crushed foot and damage to eyesight. Cannabis helps. 1 page.


Submission 180: Name Withheld 

21 year old male who has found relief with medical cannabis for anxiety. Sibling has ADHD. Believes cannabis should be legally available for a variety of medical problems. Includes around a dozen links to material in support of argument. 2 pages.


Submission 181: Name Withheld

Author suffers from ADHD, depression, dyslexia. Has worked previously but now supported by husband. Children autistic. Comes from ‘from a family of aggressive drunks. If they could be medicated with something that doesn’t cause aggression my life would be a whole different story‘. 1 page.


Submission 182: Ms Deborah McGregor 

Wishes for medical cannabis o be legalised in order to save lives. 1 page.


Submission 183: Ms Marie Cowling

Author born with Spina Bifida, also has Lupus,  SLE & Vasculitis with some organ involvement and suffers with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Neuropathic Migraine Syndrome which are ‘just a few of my pain problem areas’. Says does not know whether medical cannabis works but should trial it. 1 page.


Submission 184: Kane Cordin 

Believes cannabis products superior to cancer drugs. 1 page.


Submission 185: Mrs Lanai Carter 

Author is the ‘mother and carer of a 16 year old with a brain tumour (Glioma) who also has intractable epilepsy. Has campaigned hard in the area of medical cannabis and gave evidence to the Inquiry. Spent most of last year in the USA with son for medical treatment. Cannabis regime has helped in all facets of illness including shrinkage and stability of tumour and believes ‘a framework that can include botanical cannabis products is necessary‘. When son returned to Australia, cannabis was unavailable and tumour grew and seizures returned. Normal painkillers ineffective. Discusses and asks Committee to consider: Whole Plant – full spectrum plant extracts; interim measures for patients and caregivers; age restrictions; medical professional education; quantity limits set by government; CBD VS THC. 5 pages.


Submission 186: Name Withheld

Believes cannabis should be legalised. 1 page.


Submission 187: Mr Phil Lebedev

Author ‘pleased with the progress Australia is making’ and requests people with Autism Spectrum Disorders have option of using cannabis.’ 1 page.


Submission 188: Ms Kaylee Winter

Would like to be able to grow cannabis and learn how to make hats from hemp. Points out ‘one Cannabis plant provides 50x the amount of oxygen a full grown gum tree could. When growing cannabis the roots filter out all the nasties left in the soil, enduring safe healthier crops,’ and believes hemp could replace a lot of plastic products therefore good for the eco-system. 1 page.


Submission 189: Mr Rohan Richardson

Praises cannabis as ‘great substance’ good for a variety of medical conditions. 1 page.


Submission 190: Mr Matthew Taylor

Would like Committee to ‘investigate the use of this ‘alternate’ / original form of medicine ‘. 1 page.


Submission 191: Mr Malcolm Wilson

‘Please look into the advantages of the use of medical cannabis,’ author says. 1 page.


Submission 192: Name Withheld

WARNING – LARGE FILE. 212-page long 197MB

Submission covering matters such as cancer, psychosis, the endocannabinoid system and details (including many photographs) of a dog with nasal tumours and bacterial infection treated with cannabis apparently successfully. Many citations provided within this submission, which also includes full versions of various reports etc. related to matter, as well lengthy extract from books on the subject. 212 pages.


Submission 193: Ms Margriet Hendriksen

Grandmother of an 8 year old boy with uncontrolled epilepsy and mother of Hazel Lloyd (author of Submission 90) ‘Doctors are recommending adding a steroid to his treatment plan. The parents are unwilling to take this step, as they have not heard any good results from this. Instead they are requesting legal access to Medicinal Cannabis, as medicine for their son‘. Hopefully, she writes, ‘with Government regulation, this will be of the highest possible standard‘. 1 page.


Submission 194: Mr Douglas Brown 

Author a ‘participant in Canada’s Medical Marihuana Program’ and a director of a non-profit dedicated to supporting its members in accessing medicinal cannabis (un-named) in a ‘harm reduction’ capacity. Wishes to consult in the Inquiry process. 1 page.


Submission 206: Ms Althea Giuliani

Daughter, a teacher of children with special needs, recently returned from UK, suffers from Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and is unable to access Sativex Oromucosal spray which has been ‘her saviour over the past several years.’ Includes link about marketing of Sativex in Australia by its manufacturer, GW Pharmaceuticals and discussion of how product benefits daughter. Submision has attachment – a paper about MS by GW Pharma. Author ‘cheered and encouraged by the number of responses that have been sent in regard to support this inquiry and in particular the submission by MS Research Australia.’ (See Submission 49). Concludes is aware that Sativex is not a cure for MS but is proven help to assist living with the disease. 2 pages.

Attachment 1


Submission 207: Gis Sun

Believes in de-criminalising marijuana and says ‘since the 1960 studies about the medical benefit of Marihuana have been known and suppressed,‘ and talks of corporate greed. 1 page.


Submission 209: Name Withheld

Has undergone massive and repeated surgery for spinal tumours which have returned and ‘discovered through research that cannabis oil is being used successfully to treat tumours and many other types of cancer in many parts of the world,’ hence ‘struggling to understand why government is lagging so far behind other countries in the area of Medical Cannabis.’ Has heard anecdotally of where cannabis has helped with pain and wonders why the ill-effects of the drug are constantly discussed but rarely the benefits. 1 page.


Submission 211: Mr Jack Thomson

Possibility of legalising medicinal cannabis excites author who would ‘love to help friends and family by helping to create cannabis oil for them to fight their diseases and generally improve general quality of life’, and whose mother has an auto-immune disease. 1 page.


Submission 212: Form Letter Example

Submits viewpoint ‘considering the current research in the United States, Israel and some European countries – the evidence is overwhelming that Medicinal Cannabis has a strong place in our quest for health and sadly Australia is trailing way behind‘. Believes ‘community is where true health and well-being lies and NOT in the hands of giant offshore pharmaceutical companies,’ and looks forward to positive response from Committee. 1 page.