Expert Opposed to Senate Bill


Although only one ‘Expert’ appears in this section, this is deceptive since a significant number of others with commensurate knowledge of the field made submissions on behalf of some of the ‘Organisations Opposed’ to the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill and its proposed, single-purpose Regulator.

Professor Hall, it should be noted has vast experience within the field, often cited (or writing for) international learned journals.  He was for some years head of NDARC – the Government’s main think-tank on drugs as well as being a member of the International Narcotics Control Board which implements, among others, the UN Single Convention on Drugs.

Known for the writing of many  important (generally anti-cannabis) reports, he was  an advisor to the World Health Organisation which recently published ‘The health and social effects of nonmedical cannabis use‘ which Professor Hall helped to edit. (See also ‘The adverse health effects of chronic cannabis use’ -below).

He also chaired the NSW Government’s Working Party on Medicinal Cannabis which, in 2000 produced one of the most widely-cited Reports on the subject.

For many years an important voice in the medical cannabis debate he caused a media flurry in 2014 after publishing a 20-year review of studies – ‘The adverse health effects of chronic cannabis use‘ – which, he says, showed the drug caused mental health problems, as explained in this Daily Mail article and criticised by some as being ‘deeply flawed‘.

Submission 4: Professor Wayne Hall, University of Queensland

Not in favour of special access schemes, sceptical of benefits of medical cannabis. ‘Medical use of cannabinoids requires much better evidence than we currently have’, writes Prof. Hall, who also believes new, better medications for conditions like weight-loss in AIDS patients and chemotherapy-induced nausea have superseded cannabis. (For different perspective see Submissions 30 and 68). Provides many links to scholarly articles. 18 pages.