Peak / Professional Bodies

National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC)
Government funded harm prevention organisation housed within NDARC – the NSW University-based drug think tank. Centre announced it was to close in December 2016 after funding withdrawn. Website contains large amount of information, much of it useful & interesting, including on medical cannabis.
Australian Medical Association
Representative body for medical practitioners. Has been ‘conservative’ over medical cannabis, insisting, among other things, ‘insufficient evidence’ exists for it as a therapeutic substance.
Pharmacy Guild of Australia
Representative body for pharmacists. Cautious over medicinal cannabis, believing ‘appropriate consideration by Australia’s regulatory bodies’ (i.e. the Therapeutic Goods Administration) is necessary before it is made available.
Public Health Association
Australia’s peak health NGO has taken a more progressive position on medical cannabis saying ‘it is imperative that people are able to gain lawful access to cannabis in situations where it is likely that they will be able to benefit from the drug’ pending approval from regulatory bodies.
Palliative Care Australia
Government-funded peak organisation working for benefit of those involved with end-of-life care. Does not believe medical cannabis should be available without more evidence.
Royal Australasian College of Physicians
Representative body for medical specialists and trainee specialists from 33 different specialties, across Australia and New Zealand. Believes TGA best mechanism for regulating medicinal cannabis. and a new Regulator would duplicate effort.
Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine

Not-for-profit society for medical practitioners providing care to those with a life threatening illness. Supports an ‘evidence based approach to the use of medicinal cannabis as a pharmaceutical grade refined product with control mechanisms congruent with that of other medicinal drugs, administered via the Therapeutic Goods Association.’
MS Australia
The national peak body for people living with multiple sclerosis Australia and MS Research Australia the largest not-for-profit organisation dedicated to funding and coordinating MS research in this country. Organisation says it ‘support any proven treatment that has been deemed safe by the Therapeutic Goods Administration’.
MS Research Australia
Not-for-profit organisation dedicated to funding and coordinating MS research in Australia. Supports any proven treatment that has been deemed safe by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.
Australia was the first country in the world to develop a national framework strategy for the treatment and management of pain and this organisation was founded in 2011 to implement that Strategy. Organisation was the subject of a submission to the Public Inquiry on medical cannabis in 2015 by board member the Hon. David Ipp expressing the fact he did not support PainAustralia’s view on the matter Organisation says is ‘supportive of clinically sound, appropriately regulated use of medicinal cannabinoids in situations of palliative care‘. Calls for clinical trials, and ‘does not endorse the use of cannabinoids for people with chronic non-cancer pain until such time as a clear role is identified in the scientific literature.’
New South Wales Bar Association
Represents interests of barristers in NSW. Concerned with legal aspects of medical cannabis. Wishes to regulate ALL drugs including for recreational use to destroy black market. 3 pages.
Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations
National Association of People With HIV Australia, ACON and Positive Life NSW Peak non-government organisation representing community-based groups of people living with HIV. Support access to medical cannabis.
Epilepsy Action Australia
Australia’s national provider of education and support services for people with epilepsy, their families, professional and the community. Strongly supported idea of a stand-alone regulator of medicinal cannabis as proposed by Senate Bill of 2015 which never eventuated.