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Australian business news, information and resource site for the for ANZ biotech, health and medical industries. Particularly up-to-date with med. cannabis business news.

New Cannabis Ventures

US-based news & information platform showcasing ‘promising companies and influential investors in the cannabis industry’. Parent NCV ‘a cannabis-centric marketing & communications company’.

MMJ Phytotech
ASX-lised Israeli / Canadian cannabis growing business.
Joynt Venture
Small chain of stores selling drug and other paraphanalia. Supports Bill. Says Government has ‘unnatural fear of cannabis’.

Insys Therapeutics

Maker of extremely powerful synthetic opioid Fentanyl and currently developing cannabinoid medications for use in NSW clinical trials among sufferers of epilepsy. The company has also funded anti-cannabis legalisation campaigns in the US. According to Wikipedia seven former executives and managers employed by Insys were taken into custody by law enforcement Thursday December 13, 2016. The U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts alleges that several former employees of the company – including the once CEO and president of the company – conspired to bribe medical staff in several states to get them to prescribe a specific pain medication.

Official licensed supplier of medicinal cannabis to Dutch and Canadian Governments now with presence in Australia. ‘One of the world’s few sources of research-grade cannabis’.
Fargon Compounding
Specialist chemist equipment supplier allowing clients to create bespoke medications/types of medication for patients. Supplies to 200,000 pharmacies in 60 countries and is ‘the exclusive distributor of cannabis in The Netherlands’.

GW Pharmaceuticals

According to its Wikipedia page GW Pharmaceuticals is a British biopharmaceutical company known for its multiple sclerosis treatment product, nabiximols (brand name, Sativex). Sativex is the first natural cannabis plant derivative to gain market approval in any country including Australia. Another cannabis-based product, Epidiolex, for treatment of epilepsy, underwent phase 3 clinical trials in 2015, some of which were unsuccessful. Enjoys close ties to Governments and drug think-tanks in Australia. Disliked as an investment opportunity by website New Cannabis Ventures which advises on industry businesses.

Budding Tech
Cannabis ‘technology and innovation accelerator focused on addressing the challenges of the Medical Cannabis Industry.’ Company says it ‘identifies industry beneficial ideas startups and innovators’. Worked with ASX-listed grower MGC Pharmaceuticals and University of Sydney Business School to produce two white papers: ‘Medical Cannabis in Australia: Science, Regulation & Industry‘ and Clinical Evidence for Medicinal Cannabis: Epilepsy, Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis‘.
Under The Tree BioPharmaceuticals / UTT BioPharma
Company specialising in the research and production of botanical drugs with a particular interest in the cannabis genus.
The Don Medicinal Cannabis

Small Australian producer of medicinal cannabis oil. Concerned big pharma will dominate market with standardised product. Company criticised by recreational cannabis users forum Oz Stoners for not delivering goods and likewise the Sunday Telegraph which later fully apologised. Owner Langdon Brown featured in Vice (online publication) as possibly ‘last person to face court over medical weed’.
Happy Herb Company
Company is ‘a prominent establishment in the Australian phytomedicinal industry.’
Author, Peter Benhaim, is ‘CEO of the largest industrial hemp food manufacturing facility in the Southern Hemisphere’.  Manufactures, packs and distributes products for Australia and export throughout the world. Is also CEO of Elixinol LLC – a US based company that manufactures and legally distributes non-psychoactive medicinal cannabis oil from industrial hemp – low THC plants’ and holds licence to import cannabis products into Australia from various countries.
Company has been ‘instrumental in developing the Industrial Hemp (cannabis) Industry within Australia and in other countries for nearly 20 years’.
Medicann Pty Ltd
Company ‘was established 2015 by two enthusiastic brothers who have been watching the medicinal cannabis industries movements for the last 10 years‘ with ambitions to become one of the county’s most trusted medicinal cannabis companies’.
Broken Coast
In 2015 Sydney Morning Herald reported a struggling local gold prospector Capital Mining has struck a deal to reinvent itself as $25 million Australian-listed, Canada-based, medical marijuana company. Shortly after the contract was terminated and in September 2016 Reuters reported legal action between the two companies, though Broken Coast continues to be shown as a member of the Australian Cannabis Industry Associaton.

AusCannLarge grower with complex history. Company formerly known as Tasman Health Cannabinoids, a company started by the colourful Dutch/Australian cannabis expert Nevil Schoenmakers. Today AusCann boasts ex-Federal Liberal MP Mal Washer as its chairman and has made several abortive attempts to begin cultivation in a number of different locations. Entered into a binding agreement for a reverse take-over of TW Holdings, a wine business, to enable ASX-listing then struck deal with leading Canadian grower Canopy Growth, bringing its head Bruce Linton into the management team.

Under The Tree BioPharmaceuticals / UTT BioPharma

Company specialising in the research and production of botanical drugs with a particular interest in the cannabis genus.

Sydney Based Company ‘dedicated to facilitating patient access to the highest quality medically prescribed Cannabis or Cannabis derived products’.
Cann Group Ltd
According to its website, company has ‘established research and development and cultivation facilities in Australia and is executing collaboration agreements that will enable it to establish a leading position in plant genetics; breeding; cultivation; extraction; analysis and production techniques to facilitate the supply of medicinal cannabis for a range of diseases and medical conditions’.  Also granted a three year ‘Authority for Low–THC Cannabis’ (which authorises cultivation of low-THC cannabis for research and non-therapeutic purposes) by the Victorian Government. On 17th February 2017 and 8th March 2017 became the first company to be granted cannabis cultivation licences for, repectively, research and supply of medical product in the State of Victoria by the Federal Government’s Office of Drug Control.
Company owned by cannabis grower Tony Bower, who would give his liquid away free from the back of a van to those holding a  valid medical certificate. Mr Bower has attempted and continues to attempt to get his liquid ARTG-registered. A detailed account is here.

TilrayLarge Canadian grower. Involved in world’s biggest clinical trial of cannabis for chemotherapy patients in partnership with the NSW Government and the University of Sydney.

Medical Cannabis Clinic Company claims to ‘offer a specialised medical cannabis service within Australia, providing the online gateway between Doctor, Patient and Pharmacy.’ However, viewing its website the visitor finds the following message (as of November 2016): ‘Unfortunately, MCCA is currently unable to supply our CBD based medications, due to the TGA blocking our licence to import’.

MGC PharmaceuticalsA Medical Grade Cannabis (hence MGC) producer based in Israel. Entered into agreement with Australian mining concern Erin Resources to facilitate ASX-listing. Was set to grow cannabis on Norfolk Island but deal overturned by Federal Government. Has produced two White Papers with Sydey University Business School – Medicinal Cannabis in Australia: Science, Regulation & Industry and Clinical Evidence for Medical Cannabis: Epilepsy, Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis.

Creso PharmaAnother ASX-listed company, Creso Pharma says it is ‘committed to bringing vast cannabinoid based therapeutic opportunities to human and animal health’.  At the end of October 2016 Business Insider reported the company shares were ‘soaring’ when it launched on the Exchange. On 3rd Feb 2017 announced first letter of intent in Australia for the import and sale of medical cannabis products in the Australian market in collaboration with another medical cannabis organisation Health House International.

Health House International

Medical cannabis wholesaler based in Perth, Western Australia that, it says. ‘services the Australasian market’. Partnered with Creso Pharma to import and sell medical cannabis products.

Zelda TherapeuticsFurther company listed on ASX. Partnered with (among others) AusCann (see above) via its founder, medical entrepreneur Dr Stewart Washer, son of AusCann President Mal Washer, an ex-Federal Liberal MP also a doctor.