Academic Institutions

National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
University of New South Wales-based the Government’s main policy think-tank and on drug-related policy and long-time voice in the medical cannabis discussion (see paper Framing the Regulatory Options‘). The Centre also houses NCPIC – the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre mentioned previously and earmarked by the Government to close at the end of December 2016.
Australian Drug Law Reform Initiative
Also at NSW University, academics from various disciplines including legal and social sciences together with some of the staff within NDARC. Describing itself as a ‘working group formed with the intent of pursuing a variety of pathways towards drug law reform, education and the achievement of social justice,’ a number of its members have not unexpectedly been vocal within the medical cannabis discussion).
Australian Medical Cannabis Observatory

Project run by healthcare providers, scientists, academics and other professionals exploring hard clinical, scientific and pharmacological aspects of the drug thus growing the body of learned work and enquiry around it using Open Scienceprinciples and linked both to the United Compassion charity/pressure group and the Australian Drug Observatory at the Australian University.
University of Sydney

Business School Engagement Programme
Produced two White Papers with ASX-listed medical cannabis company MGC Pharmaceutical.
Medicinal Cannabis in Australia: Science, Regulation & Industry and Clinical Evidence for Medical Cannabis: Epilepsy, Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis
Sydney University also houses the Cannabinoid Research Group, in its Bosch Institute.
The Group conducts a diverse range of research related to cannabis and the cannabinoids.

Institute of Health National Library of Medicine United States
Publishes one of the world’s biggest databases of over 26 million medical citations called PubMed which reveals over 20,000 results using the term ‘cannabinoid’.
Penington Institute
Looks at more effective, cost-efficient and compassionate ways to prevent and respond to problematic drug use in our community and has been vocal on medical cannabis.
National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction
n internationally recognised, Flinders University-based research centre that ‘works as a catalyst for change in the alcohol and other drugs field’.