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Benhaim, Paul
Founder and Chief Executive Officer Elixinol LLC and a number of other companies growing and trading in hemp and hemp products. Also a writer on the subject. Gave evidence and made submission to the Australian Government’s Public Inquiry into the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill in 2015.
Bower, Tony
Owner and Director of Mullaways – maker of a liquid of the same name – a ‘low dose cannabinoid-derived medicine for the treatment of chronic pain which is involved in a range of conditions’. Mr Bower has previously been the focus of police attention and would distribute his product – said to be helpful for various conditions –  free from the back of a van on production of a doctor’s certificate. A more detailed account of this and the red tape involved in his trying to register the medicine as far back as 2008 appeared in the Saturday paper in May 2014.
Brown, Langdon
Owner of The Don Medical Cannabis and subject of a Daily Telegraph article in 2016 ‘Dealers Ripping Off Desperate Families’ (no longer available to view) for which the paper fullsomely apologised shortly after.  and was the subject  of an article in Vice (online publication) as possibly ‘last person to face court over medical weed’.
Darby, Elaine
Managing Director of AusCann, the cannabis grower.
Drury, Tim
Director of Tilray Australia, the Canadian cannabis grower partnered with NSW Government to undertake clinical trials. Management consultant with IT firm White Stratus.
Gedeon, Andreas 
Managing Director and founder MMJ Phytotech, ASX-listed cannabis grower. Interesting interviews with Mr Gedeon here and here.
Gillespie, David
Owner Author represents Agricultural Microbes Pty Ltd (link currently dead, Nov. 2016) a licensed industrial hemp grower in Queensland.  Made submission to the Australian Government’s Public Inquiry into the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill in 2015.
Karelis, Harry
Serial entrepreneur and Director of AusCann, the cannabis grower.
Katelaris, Dr Andrew
Sometimes  referred to by the media as ‘Dr Pot’  a controversial figure in Australia and overseas – has been helping treat people with the drug for over a decade and a half and was struck off the Medical Register in 2005 for refusing to stop doing so.  More recently, Dr Katelaris found himself in a media storm over the death of an ovarian cancer patient and complications in another after treating the women with cannabis oil, an incident he says will not deter him. Also runs the Wellness Clinic and Chrurch of Ubuntu in Newcasle, NSW. Made submission to the Australian Government’s Public Inquiry into the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill in 2015. Spoke at United in Compassion’s  2104 Symposium, video of which is here.
Kavasilas, Andrew
prominent industrial hemp advocate was the Hemp Party’s Northern Territory Senatorial Candidate and author of the 2004 book, ‘Medical uses of cannabis : Information for Medical Practitioners‘ (which appears to be out of print but is available to read at the National Library of Australia in Canberra). He has long argued hemp’s value as a food-stuff  and once owned a cafe in Nimbin. Made submission to the Australian Government’s Public Inquiry into the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill in 2015.
Kramer, Professor Uri
Strategic Advisory Board Member, ASX-listed MGC Pharmaceutical and medical practitioner working in fields of Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, Adolescent Psychology & Child Development. Head of Department for the treatment of children epilepsy at Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv he has run full scale epilepsy trials with Cannabis – one of the few doctors in the world to have done so. Also former president of the Israeli League Against Epilepsy – the Israeli chapter of the International League Against Epilepsy.
Krishnasamy, Professor Mei
Chair in Cancer Nursing at the University of Melbourne and Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Cancer Experiences Research at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne. Made submission  and gave evidence to the Australian Government’s Public Inquiry into the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill in 2015 on behalf of Cancer Council Australia and the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia. There, Professor Mei argued cannabis should be TGA regulated in order that such medication would be affordable, writing: ‘By not requiring registration by the TGA, a product cannot apply to the
Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee for reimbursement. Therefore a product cannot be available to a patient at a reduced price. Pricing of products on the register for regulated medicinal cannabis products must be public and transparent with an aim to provide products at a reasonable price.’
Lambert, Barry
Wealthy businessman and philanthropist ranked 167 on Australia’s BRW Richlist 2016.  Donated $34,000,000 to Sydney University in 2015 for a cannabinoid research centre after his sick grand-daughter Katelyn, an intractable epilpesy sufferer, was treated successfully with cannabis. The subject of an edition of the 60 Minutes TV show, The Gift in late 2016.

Linton, Bruce

Chairman & CEO of Canopy Growth Corp. large Canadian cannabis grower for medical and recreational markets. Director of AusCann. Entertaining profile on Canada’s online magazine The Walrus is here.

Lipsky, Ron
Manager of Business Development and International Relations at ASX-listed MGC Pharmaceuticals. Much Israeli experience of cannabis cultivation and use as a medicine.
Schoenmaker, Nevil
Colourful Dutch/Australian cannabis expert. Founded world’s first cannabis seed bank in the Netherlands also made a submission to the Federal Government’s Public Inquiry into the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill in 2015. Founder of Tasman Health Cannabinoids, a company later subsumed by AusCann.
Segev, Elad
CEO of Israel’s second largest licensed Medical Cannabis company, Cann Pharmaceuticals, known as Better Cannabis and founder of MGC Pharmaceuticals to expand into the huge European  / Australian market for cannabinoids.
Washer, Dr Mal
Ex Liberal MP for Division of Moore, Western Australia, now President of cannabis grower AusCann. Company partnered with another grower, ASX-listed Zelda Therapeutics, via his son, serial biotech entrepreneur Stewart, another qualified doctor. Spoke at United in Compassion’s 2104 Symposium, video of which is here.
Washer, Dr Stewart
Serial biotech entrepreneur, founder of ASX-listed Zelda Therapeutics. Son of former Liberal MP Dr Mal Washer, President of AusCann, with which Zelda is partnered.
Peter Wall
Businessman. Non-Executive Chairman, MMJ Phytotech, ASX-listed cannabis grower.